Below is an example of the microformat-shiv parsing a h-entry. This microformat is used to describe articles like those found in blogs. The earlier hEntry format is found in a great many WordPress sites. The library can also parse the earlier hEntry format.

Example h-entry

microformats.org at 7

Last week the microformats.org community celebrated its 7th birthday at a gathering hosted by Mozilla in San Francisco and recognized accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities.

The microformats tagline “humans first, machines second” forms the basis of many of our principles, and in that regard, we’d like to recognize a few people and thank them for their years of volunteer service

Updated by Tantek

Specifications compliance

The library supports both version 1 and 2 microfomat HTML mark-up patterns. You can check the compliance of the microformat-shiv to the h-entry standard by using the microformats test suite.