Below is an example of the microformat-shiv parsing a h-event. This microformat is used to describe calendar events and is based on the iCalendar standard used in many calendar and office software suites.

Example h-event

Objects are the API, stupid!


The Skiff, 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton , BN1 4EW, United Kingdom

Object proxies and observables are frequently seen in MVC frameworks, but you can also make use of them to simplify and automate common programming problems. In ES6 and ES7 there will be improved language support to help make this form of meta-programming more accessible.

In this talk, Kevin Jones will look at how to use the new features by example and show how he built a shared object module for distributed Node.js applications

Specifications compliance

The library supports both version 1 and 2 microfomat HTML mark-up patterns. You can check the compliance of the microformat-shiv to the h-event standard by using the microformats test suite .